Holiday Party Shoes? Coming Right Up!

I’m about to make your Monday blues a whole lot better!  It’s officially holiday party season and nothing says party like a great pair of pumps! These red suede pumps I’m wearing are probably the most comfortable heels I own right now!   And this is coming from an 8 month pregnant lady!  So they are probably even more comfortable then I think!!  I’ll be wearing these to my husband’s company holiday party for sure! Every gal likes a new pair of shoes for a party and I’ve linked up some of my favorite pumps which are ALL under $100.00 and some are under $50.00!!  Act fast because Friends & Family is happening right now at certain retailers so they may go quickly and be priced even better!

Thanks for stopping by!



hp1  hp2 hp3


Author: ashliandcompany

A NJ mama who is a fashion, food, & coffee lover.

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